Water Quality Implementation

Monitoring Program

Integrated Planning

Implementing Agency

The Bear Creek Watershed Association is responsible under the Bear Creek Control Regulation#74 for implementation of the Bear Creek management plan.  The Association has the power under Colorado law to develop, recommend and adopt provisions for water quality management within the Bear Creek Watershed.  The Association provides an integrated, holistic water quality management and implementation program to protect or attain established beneficial uses of waters within the Bear Creek Watershed.

Monitoring Program

The monitoring program is a key function of the Association and it is defined in an annually reviewed and updated Sample Plan (PGO29 Bear Creek 2017 Sample Plan Version 2017.01), which is basically defined by the Bear Creek Control Regulation #74.  The BCWA monitors Bear Creek Reservoir and the associated watershed, General Monitoring Calendar.  The monitoring program extends to the Bear Creek Watershed from Mt. Evans (14,000 feet) to Wadsworth Boulevarde in Lakewood below the Bear Creek Reservoir.  The program has about 100 monitoring sites.  Monitoring includes physical features (Habitat), water chemistry, and biological parameters.

Planning Integration

The BCWA integrates its watershed program at the local, county, state and federal levels.  The BCWA is a referral agency for land use development applications submitted to Jefferson and Clear Creek Counties, and potentially Park County.  Additionally, there are a number of agencies and groups that can be consulted in the watershed planning and implementation processes.  The BCWA will also integrate its watershed plan with other local and state planning programs (e.g., county comprehensive plans, community plans, State Water Plan, SWQMP, and Source Water Protection Plans).  The BCWA has determined that an integrated water quality and watershed planning program has six different levels of involvement (tiers).  The BCWA doesn’t perceive this planning process as hierarchical, rather integrated see BCWA Policy 29 BCWA Integrated Planning Program.

The Bear Creek Watershed Association protects and restores water & environmental quality within the Bear Creek Watershed from the effects of land use

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