The Association is a referral agency to land use agencies within the Bear Creek Watershed, including cities and counties. The Association reviews referral applications for consistency with local, regional and state water and environmental regulations, associated policies and the watershed management plan. To assist the Association in the referral process, a “Referral Review Guidance” (Association 2007) outlines general components of the Association land disturbance mitigation preferences, Association review and comment guidance. This guidance addresses nonpoint sediment loading before it becomes a watershed problem.


Referred land use applications that cause a land disturbance and/or a potential to degrade water quality are subject to review and comment by Association. The Association completed 6 referrals in 2015 and 5 (through July) in 2016 that addressed issues related to erosion, septic management, land disturbance, re-zoning, water quality degradation and appropriate use of best management practices.


The Association supports Jefferson County and Clear Creek County in the update and development of community plans for select portions of the watershed.  A portion of Park County extends into the upper watershed.

The Bear Creek Watershed Association protects and restores water & environmental quality within the Bear Creek Watershed from the effects of land use

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