Key Management Objectives

1. Association meets requirements of the Bear Creek Reservoir Control Regulation #74.


2. The Association meets the monitoring and reporting requirements of Regulation #85.


3. Monitor water and environmental quality within the defined watershed boundary as specified in the Control Regulation and to assure compliance with established water classifications and standards listed in Regulation #38 and the Basic Standards for Colorado waters.


4. Use watershed level adaptive management strategies, implementation programs and methods,


5. Maintain specific watershed and Bear Creek Reservoir targets and management strategies.


6. Maintain a viable long-term watershed Association. Association membership includes counties, local general-purpose governments, special districts (wastewater dischargers), associate agencies, and local citizen groups.


7. Association supports a watershed approach and recognizes the value of a comprehensive management plan that remains collaborative, flexible and effective.


8. Association is primary source of water quality data in the watershed.


9. Association acknowledges the linkage between water quality and water supply and as such addresses water supply issues that could affect water or environmental quality within the watershed.


10. Association acknowledges the linkage between water quality and land use.


11. Association supports local water and environmental education and training.


12. Association supports a linked 501 c(3) Bear Creek Watershed Foundation.


The Bear Creek Watershed Association protects and restores water & environmental quality within the Bear Creek Watershed from the effects of land use

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