The outreach and education program is a component of the BCWA integrated planning strategy (BCWA Policy 29 - BCWA Integrated Planning Program).  The strategy identifies the public in the watershed as an essential outreach group.  The public includes, but is not limited to, interested individuals, homeowner associations, middle and high school students, civic groups, and environmental groups or clubs (e.g., Evergreen Trout Unlimited, Evergreen Audubon Association, Ducks Unlimited, Friends of Mt. Evans Wilderness).  The BCWA watershed planning program integrates with appropriate planning agencies and water quality/environmental affiliated groups.


The outreach program includes a general education and information newsletter called the Pinnacle, which is electronically sent quarterly to a large group of interested people within the watershed.


The BCWA designed and placed eleven signs in the watershed (BCWA Fact Sheet 9 Geo-Locate Sign Project).  This geo-locate education program is intended as educational adventure to produce a new generation of Watershed Warriors.  Each sign has GPS coordinates that show where the upstream and downstream signs are found from the present position. The first sign at the entrance to a Jefferson County School Out-door Learning Facility.  Each sign has site specific message and there are different watershed animals shown on each sign.


Watershed 101 course is based on the Bear Creek watershed and provides training on watershed management.  It includes elements on watersheds and hydrology, biological features like fishery and macroinvertebrates, water quality, wastewater management, nonpoint source nutrient management, urban design and best practices.  The course was made for high school students, but has been adapted for multiple other groups.  The program is flexible on time, topics presented and can meet special interests.  Members of the BCWA teach this interactive program.


The BCWA participates in water festivals, local fairs, Earthday activities and special events (e.g., duck races).  The BCWA displays materials of interest for the programs.  This includes training junior watershed managers. The BCWA membership has a speaker’s bureau and members are available on a request basis to do presentations for organizations and groups.


The Bear Creek Watershed Association protects and restores water & environmental quality within the Bear Creek Watershed from the effects of land use

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