Bear Creek Reservoir Control Regulation #74 (5 CCR 1002-74) The Association helps implement the State of Colorado regulation that has water quality goals, assigns wasteload allocations to wastewater treatment plants, requires nutrient management, requires a monitoring program, and calls for the Association membership to use control strategies to protect all classified waters and uses within the Bear Creek Watershed.

Other Colorado State water quality regulations that affect the Association management programs:

  • Regulation 22: Site Location and Design Approval Regulations for Domestic Wastewater Treatment Works
  • Regulation #31 - The Basic Standards and Methodologies for Surface Water
  • Regulation 38: Classifications and Numeric Standards for South Platte River Basin
  • Regulation 43: On-Site Wastewater Treatment System Regulation
  • Regulation 93: 303(d) List of Impaired waters and monitoring list of parameters of concern


The Water Quality Control Commission is authorized by sections 25-8-202(1)(c) and 25-8-205, C.R.S. to promulgate control regulations which describe prohibitions, standards, concentrations, and effluent limitations on the extent of specifically identified pollutants that any person may discharge into any specified class of state waters.


Management Agency

The Colorado Water Quality Control Commission expects the BCWA as a designated management agency to integrate its planning efforts with other appropriate planning agencies and water quality/environmental affiliated groups.  The WQCD has assumed the role of planning agency for the Denver region, including the entire Bear Creek Watershed. The BCWA now operates under the Statewide Water Quality Management Plan (SWQMP) (WQCD Version 1.0- June 13, 2011). The SWQMP is considered a living document with links to other planning agencies, policies and regulations and provides a framework for water quality planning, protection and management. The management agency expectations for the BCWA are outlined in A Guide to Colorado Programs for Water Quality Management and Safe Drinking Water (Commission Policy #98-2, updated August, 2013).

The Bear Creek Watershed Association protects and restores water & environmental quality within the Bear Creek Watershed from the effects of land use

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