TM2010.01 Bear Creek Kerr Swede Summary

TM2010.02 BCR Aeration Log

TM2010.03 BCR Recreation Use

TM2010.04 BCR Chemistry Summary

TM2010.05 BCW Summary

TM2011.01 Coyote Gulch Summary

TM2011.02 Bear Creek Kerr Swede Summary

TM2011.03 BCR Recreation Use

TM2011.04 BCW Summary

TM2011.05 BCR Chemistry Summary

TM2011.06 BCR Trends

TM2011.07 Sediment Study

TM2011.08 BCWA Barr Milton TMDL Summary

TM2012.01 2011 Fishery

TM2012.02 Summit Plume

TM2012.03 Kerr Swede Summary

TM2012.04 BCR Water Quality Summary

TM2012.05 Coyote Gulch Summary

TM2012.06 Recreation Use Bear Creek Park

TM2012.07 Bear Creek Reservoir Summary Statistics

TM2012.08 BCWA Barr Milton TMDL Summary

TM2012.09 Manure Management

TM2012.10 Macroinvertebrates

TM2012.11 BCR Sediment Study

TM2013.01 Summit Plume

TM2013.02 Kerr Swede Summary 2013

TM2013.03 Coyote Gulch Summary January 2014

TM2013.04 Manure Management BCP

TM2013.05 BCR 2013 Summary Statistics & Graphs

TM2013.06 MBCW 2013 Summary Graphs

TM2013.07 2013 Summary BCR Loading

TM2013.08 Barr Milton TMDL Summary

TM2013.09 Evergreen Lake Summary

TM2014.01 BCR Aeration System Survey

TM2014.02 Summit Plume

TM2014.03 Kerr Swede Summary 2014

TM2014.04 Coyote Gulch Summary

TM2014.05 BCR 2014 Summary Statistics & Graphs

TM2014.06 MBCW 2014 Summary Graphs

TM2014.07 2014 Summary BCR Loading

TM2014.08 Barr Milton TMDL Summary

TM2014.09 Evergreen Lake Summary

TM2014.10 BCR Phytoplankton Summary

TM2014.11 Seasonal Nutrient Load BCW

TM2014.12 BCR Sediment Study

TM2014.13 Macroinvertebrates

TM2014.14 Fishery Survey Results

TM2015.01 BCR EGL Sediment Study

TM2015.02 UBCW Summary

TM2015.03 Kerr Swede Summary 2015/ Completion

TM2015.04 Coyote Gulch Summary

TM2015.05 BCR 2015 Summary Statistics & Graphs

TM2015.06 MBCW 2015 Nutrient Summary

TM2015.07 2015 P1 Summary

TM2015.08 Barr Milton TMDL Summary

TM2015.09 EGL Summary

TM2015.10 BCR Phytoplankton Summary

TM2015.11 Fishery Survey Results

TM2015.12 Macroinvertebrates

TM 2016.01 Sediment Survey BCR

TM 2016.02 UBCW Summary

TM 2016.03 Coyote Gulch Summary

TM 2016.04 BCR 2016 Summary Statistics and Graphs

TM 2016.05 MBCW 2016 Nutrient Summary

TM 2016.06 P1 Summary

TM 2016.07 Barr Milton TMDL Summary

TM 2016.08 EGL Summary

TM 2016.09 BCR Phytoplankton Summary

TM 2016.10 Fisheries

TM 2016.11 Fall 2016 Macroinvertebrate Data

TM 2016.11b Macroinvertebrates

TM 2016.12 Copper Study


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